The Clinical

The Clinical Training Project was developed to provide comprehensive clinical training to a range of health professionals working with clients from various Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

Established in 2021 with the aim of changing the way training is provided to health professionals and finding new ways of practice that are tailored to specific client needs, presentation and religious and cultural issues.

The Project uses current evidence-based research and practice to help health professionals build their confidence, their skill set and ability in clinical practice.

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About The Clinical
Training Project

The Clinical Training Project was established to assist health professionals across various industries in building their clinical skills working with CALD and vulnerable communities. Its purpose is to put theory into practice in the real world and build health professionals’ confidence. By completing the training program, health professionals working within a clinical setting can understand their clinical skills, learn new ways of treatment, and gain new confidence and skills to support their knowledge.

Mission & Vision

Equip professionals with the Real world skills

The Clinical Training Project programs will equip professionals with the real-world skills required in daily operations.

Will have gained self confidence

Upon completion, attendees will have gained self-confidence from real-life scenarios and shared experiences, as well as practical tools that support their professional knowledge.

Professional tools

The tools shared with professionals will stay with them and support them in their professions for years to come.

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All of our programs are
certified and contribute to your CPD requirements.

3 Day Advance Clinical Skills Workshop

Bespoke practical training using real-life cases to improve your Cultural Competency skills, handling complex cases, communicating effectively with clients, plan development, stages of counselling and much more.

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Through research and extensive experience and knowledge we are able to create programs that do more than just tick your CPD requirements.

Each of The Clinical Training Projects programs are crafted to fill gaps in the development of professionals that work closely with CALD and vulnerable communities.

We will give you the skills and confidence that you need to serve your clients in an effective and professional manner.

All of The Clinical Training Project’s programs are certified and contribute to CPD requirements.


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Our training goes far and beyond equipping you with Cultural Competency skills. It’ll be suitable for anyone who: